Utility Bill Payments


Utility Bill Payment

UBB’s Utility Bill Payment service is a convenient, easy and cheap way to pay your monthly bills for electricity, water, central heating, telephone, cable and digital televisions, Internet, etc., without visiting a branch of the Bank or pay-desks of the respective company.


  • Convenience – You save time by non-visiting pay-desks of utility companies and by avoiding queues to pay your monthly bills. You can check and pay your obligations at any time through electronic banking.

  • Payments’ planning – Choose yourself the number of companies to which you will pay your bills, using this service. United Bulgarian Bank operates with more than 250 utility companies, as you are able to pay for each separate service from a different account and/or credit card

  • Control on utility bill payment can be exerted through: 1. Setting a limit per payment 2. Option to choose between automatic and manual payment mode.